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                YA-LB | BURNDY


                General Details

                BURNDY? compression connectors are designed?for reliable and controllable electrical connections.?The complete installation is fully inspectable. They?are high conductivity copper and operate cooler?than the wire on which they are installed. The?connectors withstand a wide range of electrical?and environmental conditions, including current?surges, temperatures, corrosion and vibrations,?for a wide variety of applications. These features?mean a consistently high quality connection at a?low installed cost.
                Copper compression connectors are manufactured?from high-conductivity electrolytic copper.?The connectors are normally tin-plated, lead plated,?or plated with proprietary BURNDY brite?finish to provide durable long-lasting corrosion resistance.
                The connector design has been matched?to the cable size to provide the necessary physical?strength requirements for reliable electrical performance.

                UL Listed 90° C,600 Volts to 35kV ?
                45° and 90° angles are available.

                YA8C-LB #8 AWG
                YA5C-LB #5 AWG
                YA4C-LB #4 AWG
                YA3C-LB #3 AWG
                YA2C-LB #2 AWG
                YA1C-LB #1 AWG
                YA25-LB 1/0 AWG
                YA26-LB 2/0 AWG
                YA27-LB 3/0 AWG

                Features & Benefits

                ? Inspection window allows for visual verification that the wire has been fully
                inserted prior to crimping the lug
                ? Barrel is designed with a “belled” end opening at the wire entry, to ensure
                smooth insertion of highly flexible stranded wire, preventing possible damaging
                of the wire strands during insertion
                ? Short/Standard length barrel is recommended for installations with limited space
                ? 45o and 90o angular lugs are available; please contact Customer Service
                ? Electro-tin plated unless otherwise specified to reduce galvanic corrosion
                (bimetallic) and resist corrosive elements
                ? Connectors are clearly marked with stamping and barrel color coding
                ? Connectors accommodating wire sizes #10 – 4/0 AWG accommodate both Flex
                and Code Wire. See Tables on each page for specific details
                ? Tables in this section identify flex wire as the nominal flex wire size followed by
                the wire classes and DLO wire size and stranding. For Class Wire Strand counts,
                see the table at the beginning of this section