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                Designed for critical application - Nuclear-class 1E termination, #22-8 AWG str. cable

                General Details


                ? 全封闭保护的全循环棘轮系统不允许中途撤回操作,只能全循环完成压接后方能复位。无撤回控制
                ? 专为高苛刻行业而设计,比如核电1E级,航空,以及重型工业应用,和高标准要求的电力行业或OEM工厂
                ? 由高强度铝制钳体和钢制模具组成,轻便耐用
                ? 易于辨识的带有不同颜色的压槽

                The HYTOOL Types MR8 series incorporates a full cycle ratchet mechanism that provides a complete, positive crimp each time. Once started the ratchet mechanism does not allow the handles to be opened until after the full ratcheting cycle is completed. This provides for a completed crimp before a connector can be removed from the tool. The MR8 series of tools are specifcally designed with the ratchet mechanism completely inside the body of the tool without a path to reach and defeat the mechanism. This permits the tools to be used in the most critical applications including nuclear- class 1E terminations, heavy duty industrial, utility generation, OEM, aircraft, and other applications where a dependable electrical termination is?5 years limited warranty.

                MR81A: #22 – #10 AN Copper Cable INSULUG? terminals/splices YAE
                MR89Q: #18 – #8 AN Copper Cable #22 – #10 AWG Sol. Cable #22 – #8 AWG Str. Cable YAV, YSV, T, T-F, YAD, YAD-F
                MR833S1/MR833T1: #18 – #10 MIL-W-5086 Str. YSE, YSE-H
                MR8G96: #22 – #14 TP, BA
                MR8G98: #22 – #10 YAV, T, YAD
                MR10G6: only for YAES nuclear terminals.


                ? Lightweight aluminum permits easier continuous usage
                ? One tool to accommodate #22-10 AWG
                ? Easy groove identifcation with color-coded dies
                ? Long life expectancy with fully protected ratchet mechanism
                ? Easy one-hand tool operation with long handle length for greater mechanical advantage
                ? 5-year limited warranty